La Torre de Fontaubella


The practices are carried out at the Astropriorat Observatory in the town of La Torre de Fontaubella. The observatory is located between the towns of Colldejou and Marça. In front of the imposing mountain of La Mola (914m). It is composed of an isolated construction with a circular floor and an astronomical dome measuring 3.50 meters in diameter (Sirius Dome). It is located away from the town center, with little light pollution (coordinates: Longitude 00d 51m 50.6s East,  Latitude 41º 07' 22.7 "North) at 375 meters high.

The quality of the sky or "seeing" of the observatory is 2 seconds of arc and the normal transparency in nights without moon, is of magnitude 6.0. Throughout the year night temperatures can drop to -5ºC and reach 25ºC.


La Torre de Fontaubella
Observatori Situation.

Light Pollution

Catalonia has a long tradition in the protection of the night environment, which was already manifested by the elaboration of Law 6/2001, the first norm of this subject, of general application, that was approved in all the Spanish State . The lightbulbs of urban lighting of Mercurium steam and Sodium steam are being changed by LED flashlights with lanterns that do not allow to send light into the night sky.   More information at:

Light Pollution

Meteorological Data

The most characteristic mountain in the zone is the Montsant, formed by large blocks of conglomerates that culminate at 1,166m.  On the opposite side are the Colldejou molars (914 m) and Llaberia (912 m). The region, open to the Ebro valley, receives climatic influences, neutralized by those of the high mountains that surround it and those that come from midday and east of the Mediterranean. The rains have an average of 560 mm per year.

It snows very little (average of three days per year). The summer fog is characteristic, said "of the sea" and the winter fog, although the winter mist never reaches the observatory. The average annual temperature during the day is 15° C. Throughout the year night temperatures can drop to -5 ° C and reach 25 ° C.


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